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Toward a Kantian Ontology of the Erection (Post 2 of ?)

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Dec. 2nd, 2005 | 12:25 pm

The Great Destroyer is also the Great Phallus. Kant's programme of masculine cybernetics in The Critique of Pure Reason is best understood through the antinomies(395a/396a):

Thesis: The world has a beginning in time, and is also limited as regards space.

Antithesis: The world has no beginning, and no limits in space; it is infinite as regards both time and space.

Of the consideration of each "opposite" valence: the masculogic rejects the simultaneity of opposite possibility and so ensures a circumscripted "causal closure" of the logical universe. This results in a no-less-arbitrary "synthesis" of the "false" and the "true." But a simple Foucauldian "immanent" criticism shows that there are, and need be, more possibilities than thesis and antithesis. We proceed analytically: the 'total world' can be infinite in time but not space. The 'total world' can be infinite in space but not time. These two theses show the provinciality of binary thinking.

Masculine cybernesis is thus shown to be illogically inexorable in its description of the world; for that reason, I call it the "ontology of the erection," in that the 'erection' is the inexorable drive (understood as a neo-Freudian mechanism) of masculogic to 'limn' reality. Such a masculine need is akin to the need to copulate and ejaculate, and also to own and dominate. Man not only tortures nature for her secrets, but also tortures reality for hers.

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