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on phallo/phytogenesis

(a modest proposal)

"When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility
for more truth around her."

adrienne rich

gender-theoretic mission statement:

(i) am called audre, a name i have taken to honor the (G)oddess.

herein you will find gender problematizations, speech acts in service of (O)ther-radico-realizations, and so on.

(i) draw upon, heavily, a post-(L)acanian problematics of technolinguism, whereby subjectivity and objectivity are inverted in service of the (O)ther. this is a moral requirement of normatively "good" discourse. if this upsets or offends you, (i) am sorry that (i) cannot help, but the rejection of the postmodern (L)evinas-ian "de-ethic" requires formally inverse counterventions.

at the same time, (i) reject the masculo-rational(ized) "zeitgeist" of a cultural anthropolitick, and in this way approach, asymptotically, the calculo-probabilism of the (S)ubject. this has obvious implications for my post-(L)acanian commitments, and (i) think couches the debate in terms of mythopoeia. feel free to disagree.

where you do not find gender-theoretic problematizations in my journal, you will find discourse of another sort. (i) am aware of the privilege-gradient. repeat: (i) am aware of the privilege-gradient. for this reason, this journal also features "conventional language" by way of "posts" written in the archo-oppressive tongue. when my sisters are ready to loose themselves their shackles, (i) will be there to help.


this is a wymyn-safe space. please, no self-identified "males." (i) will not "friend" you. also, many of my posts will be "friends-locked."


(i) am a student at the new school for social research. (i) am a phd. student in (fill)-osophy, specializing in gynodominative discourse, neologismatics, and philosophy of science. for those of you interested, (i) tend to approach the analyto-positivist bricolage through the lens of radical dogma. (i) am pre(dominant)ly influenced by the works of luce irigaray, judith butler, (jacques) lacan, judith halberstam, adrienne rich, donna haraway, julia kristeva, and thomas kuhn.

before coming to the new school, (i) studied at berkeley; before that, oberlin.


(i) believe in the power of language. (j)'ai créé ce journal for the purpose of discussion, and also for the purpose of challenge. (i) have created this journal to learn from my sisters. (i) have created this journal to draw out, display, record, and subvert the linguo-technic power of (P)atriarchy.

(i) am queer-genderfucked. (i) am the radical dyke. (i) am the bitch. (i) am the mirror.

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